“I’m opening a bakery!”

“that’s great! What are you going to call it???”
“Yum Bunnies!”

“….for real…?”

This was the reaction I got from EVERY single person I told the bakery’s name to…I guess that’s why people keep their baby names to themselves…

Did I doubt myself? Sure I did…but my gut told me my whimsy little cakery should be called Yum Bunnies.

When I was a little girl I was a very picky eater…always trying to satisfy my sweet tooth.  To get me to eat my mother would call foods yum bunnies.  I always remember her saying “mmmm! Yum Bunnies!” I still tend to prefer dessert, but I have learned to enjoy the savory side of life as well.

Her trickery worked…

At pastry school when I would have to label my projects I would always write Yum Bunnies.  Classmates would ask what it meant and I would say “it means it’s tasty!”

To me Yum Bunnies has always meant something that is delicious…so I just had to name my shop Yum Bunnies and since we just make cake…Cakery instead of Bakery!

There were doubters but I think we have proven them wrong!

We now affectionately call it The YBC…and I don’t regret a thing!