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Far From Basic

The photo on the left was taken in 1989, I was 6.

My Mom and I were stepping out for dinner, I begged her to let me wear press-on nails.  Knowing that my love for all things girly, glittery and over the top could not be suppressed, she agreed to let me wear them (but not to school – hahaha).

I vaguely remember our outing but I’m told that the server found it odd that I was so, shall we say, glamorous at such a young age.

I’ve always loved having fancy finger nails, we like what we like, right?

The minute I was old enough to go to the mall myself after school I got acrylic nails put on, I had to take them off for culinary school but they went right back on the day I graduated and I’ve had them ever since.

People always ask “How do you decorate cakes with those nails!?”  I tell them, “very well.”
Cake Designers are over the top by nature, we just couldn’t do our job well if we weren’t.  Through social media I see a lot of other cake designers who have beautiful fingernails with nail art.  It’s just another expression of who we are – far from basic – and no one wants a basic cake!

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“Isn’t Red Velvet Just Chocolate Cake?”

I have been asked this question about 3 times a week for 7 years.
In the beginning, no one seemed to know what it was.  Now it seems like red velvet is EVERYWHERE! From pancakes to waffles to ice cream and even candles!
So how is it that people still think it is just red chocolate cake?
The recipe does call for cocoa powder but doesn’t taste like chocolate.  It has a smooth velvety texture and tastes almost buttery.  There is not enough cocoa powder in it to make it “chocolate.”
Traditional red velvet is a buttermilk cake.  Buttermilk is very acidic, when it mixes with the cocoa powder it has a reaction and turns a reddish brown!  Some bakers like the natural reddish brown color while others (me) prefer to add a little food coloring to give it some pizazz!
When I was planning the Yum Bunnies menu, Red Velvet was the first flavor I knew I would have.  Steel Magnolias was a favorite of mine growing up.  The Armadillo Groom’s Cake that was red inside always stuck with me and it was one of the first times I had seen a sculpted cake.

A short time after we opened red velvet really burst onto the scene but I have had a love affair with it since 1989 and now my customers do too!

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8 out of 10

“8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months”
– Eric T Wagner, Forbes

Today, my little bakery turns 7.

Thank you.

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

I’ve always been someone who roots for the underdog.
In the movies when the home team with ratty gear and mismatched uniforms makes it to the championship to play against the big money team I always have my fingers crossed they will triumph.

No matter how many times I watch Rocky (all 6 of them) I get chills when he gets beat down and starts to come back to win it!

I think I like the underdog because they have more heart. They want it more. It’s not taken for granted. They have worked hard and put the time, effort, practice, long days, sleepless nights in it to win it. The victory means more because it wasn’t guaranteed.

When I started Yum Bunnies no one knew who I was or what our cakes tasted like. I had no customer base. There were no bells and whistles. I bought used equipment with borrowed money.
So, I think I viewed myself as the underdog.

That’s why each cake matters so much. You chose us to make your cake. You didn’t have to…but you did. Which means we will put all the energy and effort and long days and sleepless night in to make sure you love it.

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    I Don’t Care What Year it is, My Bridesmaids are Wearing Neon!

I Don’t Care What Year it is, My Bridesmaids are Wearing Neon!

When I was a little girl I envisioned my wedding as a big, huge black tie affair with white flowers and a white dress with a extra long train.  The bridesmaids were to wear black.

Now, when I look back on that dream I think…”what was I thinking?!”

My life is filed with color! Neon all day everyday!

I completely understand that neon is not for everyone.  But, the days of white weddings and pastels only are long gone.

Be yourself and have what you love in your wedding!

Wedding cake is no longer dry, tasteless and pure white.  If you love chocolate, have a chocolate wedding cake!

Most likely your guests will be thrilled!

Add a splash of color to your cake, have your bridesmaids wear a fun belt or flower in their hair for a pop of color.  Wear a jazzy shoe instead of a plain white pump.

So Many things in 2014 are so very different from how they were in the 1950’s, let your wedding be a day no one will forget!

Be yourself and have fun! What a way to start a new journey!

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You Gotta Start Somewhere

Around the time I was 14 my mother signed me up for a cake decorating class at our local party store.  I was the only kid there, and was oh so nervous.

By the third class I was better than most of the adults (toot, toot!)

I never thought my hobby would turn out to be my job.  I just knew I didn’t want to join a sports team and I wasn’t gifted in the music department.  I liked sweets so why not!?

Turns out if you really like something and stick with it you just keep getting better and better and soon everyone is telling you you could make a career out of it!

A cake career!? sweet!

Here I am 17 years later doing what I love every day while adding eye candy (literally) to special occasions all over Boston!

Only problem is…I need a new hobby 😉

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What’s a Yum Bunny?

“I’m opening a bakery!”

“that’s great! What are you going to call it???”
“Yum Bunnies!”

“….for real…?”

This was the reaction I got from EVERY single person I told the bakery’s name to…I guess that’s why people keep their baby names to themselves…

Did I doubt myself? Sure I did…but my gut told me my whimsy little cakery should be called Yum Bunnies.

When I was a little girl I was a very picky eater…always trying to satisfy my sweet tooth.  To get me to eat my mother would call foods yum bunnies.  I always remember her saying “mmmm! Yum Bunnies!” I still tend to prefer dessert, but I have learned to enjoy the savory side of life as well.

Her trickery worked…

At pastry school when I would have to label my projects I would always write Yum Bunnies.  Classmates would ask what it meant and I would say “it means it’s tasty!”

To me Yum Bunnies has always meant something that is delicious…so I just had to name my shop Yum Bunnies and since we just make cake…Cakery instead of Bakery!

There were doubters but I think we have proven them wrong!

We now affectionately call it The YBC…and I don’t regret a thing!

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